Our Story

NMES Global is a WOMAN, NATIVE AMERICAN, DISABLED VETERAN, MINORITY, LGBTQ owned company. We believe in total equality and serve the planet at large. We help Municipalities, Federal and State Environmental Agencies, Miners, Investors. We are founded on the premise that NO MORE COVER-UPS, CLEAN IT UP.

We have a staff of certified specialists that can answer your questions. Call us at 407-734-3606 today. We will take personal care of your site.

Environmental Sites

Precious Metals Extraction

This includes green systems used on your site within our portable processing systems. 2-5 tons per hour. We clean Mine Sites.

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NMES Manufacturing

We have 3 office to serve you. Arizona, Texas, and Florida


NMES Environmental

We customize solutions for your site!

NMES Precious Metals and Mine Reclamation

Find a Certified Specialist near you, Call FL 407-734-3606 of 702-483-0265. Our Voice Attendant provided by Google Voice.

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Call 407-734-3606 or 702-483-0265 to schedule an intake or get an interview with an NMES Global Certified Specialist. Email, inquiry@nmesglobal.com Call to Action